As a sculptor with a Fluxus mindset, I try and create pieces that have simplicity, chance, and a little bit of humor.

And for some vague definition, here is a 21 century version of the Fluxist Manifesto:

Fluxus today is built on the solid foundations of Fluxus yesterday. The artists may be new, but the work they are making is as much a part of Fluxus tradition as the work that came before.

Emmett Williams once wrote, “Fluxus is what Fluxus does – but no one knows whodunit.”

Dick Huggins wrote, “Fluxus is not a moment in history, or an art movement. Fluxus is a way of doing things, a tradition, and a way of life and death.”

We, the Fluxus artists of the 21st century have taken these words to heart. We are Fluxus and we are making Fluxus work. Friedman, building on previous work by Dick Higgins, described Fluxus as a “laboratory characterized by twelve ideas”.

1. globalism,
2. the unity of art and life,
3. intermedia,
4. experimentalism,
5. chance,
6. playfulness,
7. simplicity,
8. implicativeness,
9. exemplativism,
10. specificity,
11. presence in time, and
12. musicality

We live and work under the umbrella of these twelve ideas.

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