Day 431

So yesterday, I participated in an iron pour. Hot molten metal, sand and fire. Yay! This is just a small portion of the entire process, but as I was a fire-putter-outer, I don’t have a whole lot of pictures. Essentially, the cold iron was dumped in the top of this furnace and the molten iron was poured out into a super-heated crucible which was carried to the hook and tackle that allowed the pour team to carry and pour the metal into the molds that were lined up on a metal/ cinder block bench inside the building. Sometimes they missed and I was one of those who shoveled sand onto the molten metal that fell to the ground and the small fires that it started. I had fun. Don’t worry, I drank a glass of milk when I got home.


And then today, after my progress review with Ric, Carmen and Charlotte, which went really well, I got to meet this guy. Awesome.


I’m going to go work now.