Day 579

I’ve been doing a little animating downstairs and have enjoyed watching Toby Hale put together his Transformers display and curse at the led lights in between takes. I’m not sure how many of these will make the final cut. I will continue to animate until my eyes are bleeding, I’m swearing like a sailor at everything, and my brain shuts down from not enough sleep.  Then, after a nap and a coffee, I will edit the final two cuts. I’ve also decided against the static. It’s a bit too literal and is too reminiscent of last year. Instead, I will invoke the time honored tradition of giving people something to stare at while they wait:

test pattern

Some people have already begun. I have a simple install and a couple more days to finish everything. Then install, sleep, dinner with my parents, and then the opening. And lots of drinking! Hahahahaha!

And the next bunch of craziness to edit:

Day 409


So I took the wonderful advice of Malcolm Cochran and ran with it. I visited the Fab Lab and made cardboard boxes. (which sounds simple and ridiculous) It was as meticulous as is everything I do. I am going to try and animate these. We’ll see what happens. And I made a green screen. Ooooooh. Editing!

Day 182

It’s always interesting to stop and realize what has influenced the decision making up until this point. When I was in 6th grade, I remember reading an article on stop-motion animation and doing a report on it. No one believed me when I said that it took the animators three weeks to shoot thirty seconds of usable footage. I believed it and now I’m living it, although technology has improved beyond imagination from 22 years ago. Who knew I’d be animating in grad school? When I was in 6th grade I had no idea this could be so awesome. And thanks to Toby and his scattered wooden gears, I have another element to animate. Sketches to come soon. By the way, I love epic instrumental music. Been listening to it while I’m working and it makes everything seem so much more exciting. That, and having Lulu in the studio space.