Day 99

And now it’s December. Dear readers, it is cold outside. And sometimes, so is my apartment. That’s what blankets and cats are for. I have less than two weeks to go in this first semester of graduate school, there have been many strange things to deter me from finishing everything that needs to be done. Including a piece of 4’x8′ drywall that fell out of the sky and hit my truck, a locked kiln, a temperamental starter, the 7th season of dr who, gravity, my ancient computer, library copy of RASL and physics. Nevertheless, I have my second sculpture in the kiln and will weld my metal bits this week.
With hot chocolate in hand, thank you Rachel, I’m trying to not freak completely out about my presentation next week. I do not like getting up in front of people. I’m going to go make something now.

Day 33

I’ve never met any of the people who have inspired me to make art in the past and present. Until last night. I was given the chance to have dinner with Jeff Smith, so I took it and ran with it like a thief. After I geeked out for a bit, I gathered my courage and talked to him. He’s a pretty awesome guy. He even signed my copy of Bone. Maybe I’ll read it again for the 8th time. Ha! All of this makes me want to draw rather than sculpt. It would be ludicrous to switch from sculpture to illustration now, so I won’t, as tempting as it is. Comics, illustrations and animation are my first love, my first intro to the art world; drawing on the backs of church bulletins, fighting with my brothers over the Sunday comics, sneaking episodes of the Simpsons without parental knowledge. But I do have a tendency to think in 3-D, even on paper. Oo, maybe I’ll draw on my sculptures…