Day 590

I sat with my work earlier today, listening to Sigur Ros and trying to drown out the ambient noises. It kinda worked. Wrote some new realizations down, legs fell asleep, took some pictures, realized that it was raining, walked around a bit, and finally saw pieces and installations that I hadn’t seen on Friday.  Looks good, guys. Impressive, even.

I’ll post pictures of my install later. Don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone who hasn’t been in the gallery. *finger pointing*

Still working on stuff. You’d think that there would be some sort of lull, but nope. Animating and editing those damn paper puppets. Writing on the thesis paper. And making more things out of clay. Hopefully I’ll have one more firing before graduation, just to finish everything. Loading and firing an electric kiln is so much easier than firing my woodfire kiln. Not nearly as fun, but so much easier. There was an idea about naming all the boxes that Charlotte had mentioned a while back. I’m working on that. These bits will somehow be added to the boxes. It’ll make sense later. Thinking on what to do next, is that supposed to be the whole idea?

I’m going to go make stuff.

Day 37

The zoo animal illustrator Charlotte Belland had our 1st year MFA class make video artist statements. I do not like being on camera but have a love for animation and Sigur Rós. So, with fragmented sentences and one spelling error (on purpose, see if you can find it) all typed out on paper clay, here is my artist statement for the semester. Ta-da. And thank you to Nevin for his help.

Day 21

This might have very little to do with my project, but much to do with my current state of mind. Last night I was able to experience Sigur Rós in concert for the first time in 7 years. And yes, I am using the word “experience” because that is what it was. It’s nothing short of beautiful and mindblowing. So beautiful that it brought me to tears. I cannot remember the last time I experienced something that intensely.