Day 175

Random thoughts. Please bear with me.


I’ve been witness to some pretty fantastic disciplining in the past couple of weeks. Susan has had some late kids and some disappearing kids and some let’s-not-do-any-work kids. Unlike some teachers she does not embarrass them in front of the whole class by calling them out on their slacking. She walks over to them while others are working and asks them to come out into the hallway. She then explains things gently but firmly and sends them either back into class or home, depending on the situation. I admire this method. It focuses her attention on the students and the problem, it avoids gossip, it focuses the student’s attention, and it avoids embarrassment.  Awesome.

I’m making boxes. Meticulously. 

So, I was driving home late on Friday and was attempting to not end up in a ditch somewhere on 29. It was snowing and the roads were quite terrible. Add cloud cover, snow covered fields and light pollution together and it ends up being slightly eerie. The clock says it’s 12:04, but I could see well enough to turn off my lights. I didn’t- don’t panic. The crazy part was when I could no longer see a horizon. The sky and the ground had melded into one color and I could not differentiate between them. It’s the strangest optical illusion I have ever been privy to: Pale light, no horizon and constant movement. Very twilight zoney.

I love working with Dragonframe. Just need an updated video card. And decent weather so I can drive around Columbus without dying.

 All of this snow and ice, freezing and thawing has created some amazing icicles outside of my back door. There is a group of them that have grown legs, splitting at the bottom. Along my drainpipe is one that is currently over six feet long and thicker than the drainpipe. The perfect murder weapon… but that’s been done before.