Day 431

So yesterday, I participated in an iron pour. Hot molten metal, sand and fire. Yay! This is just a small portion of the entire process, but as I was a fire-putter-outer, I don’t have a whole lot of pictures. Essentially, the cold iron was dumped in the top of this furnace and the molten iron was poured out into a super-heated crucible which was carried to the hook and tackle that allowed the pour team to carry and pour the metal into the molds that were lined up on a metal/ cinder block bench inside the building. Sometimes they missed and I was one of those who shoveled sand onto the molten metal that fell to the ground and the small fires that it started. I had fun. Don’t worry, I drank a glass of milk when I got home.


And then today, after my progress review with Ric, Carmen and Charlotte, which went really well, I got to meet this guy. Awesome.


I’m going to go work now.

Day 430

I had a good talk with my mentor, Charlotte, today. Prepping for my progress review tomorrow. Dun dun duuuuun. Haha. And I have been doing research into humor. And I’ve been making things. And I’ve been animating, which is what you like to see on here anyway. You don’t follow me to read my blethering.  I know and it’s ok. I’m also going to go see and possibly participate in an iron pour at OWU today.  Yay, stuff!

Day 382

Making, making, making. It’s one thing to just make things, it’s a whole different fish to actually know why you’re working and what you’re doing. I’m in both camps. I need to keep working to figure out why I’m making, and this year is going to be a lot of thinking with the making. Good thing I’m a thinker. Thanks Strength-Finder, I had no idea. Hahaha! This year, I’m making larger piles of rejected detritus with tongue-in-cheek animations and a vague idea. We’ll see what happens. As for the animations, I’m going to keep working on those and eventually I’ll come up with an excellent reason why I’ve incorporated them into my subtly beautiful joke. Work, brain, work!

Day 184

This is what I’ve been doing for my animation class. I’m still learning dragonframe and this is the first time I’ve added in audio. It’s a work in progress. I want to make more of these. But I will stick with 3D. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone off the deep end, but I have been corrupted. HAHAHA!

And a quote of the day: “I should be on medication, I’m sure.”

Day 72

 I’m not the most technologically advanced person. I fire my kiln with wood if that tells you anything. I have enjoyed learning new things in Charlotte’s class, so I’m not against technology, just a little behind the times. And so, adding technology to my art work will be quite the challenge. Not sure if I have to add it to my piece or just use it seperately. I’m thinking animation. I haven’t made a gif of Sir Paperclay recently and I’m wanting to know what has happened to him. Maybe an animation of his life up until his entry into the world of Galleries. Gifs that follow him from birth to death, highlighting the important moments of his short life. Little films. Nothing impossible to finish in four weeks. 

Day 37

The zoo animal illustrator Charlotte Belland had our 1st year MFA class make video artist statements. I do not like being on camera but have a love for animation and Sigur Rós. So, with fragmented sentences and one spelling error (on purpose, see if you can find it) all typed out on paper clay, here is my artist statement for the semester. Ta-da. And thank you to Nevin for his help.