Day 168

I’m playing around with Dragonframe. This is my first sketch. Short and simple. The next one might have sound. I’m working on what sounds, if any should go into these animations. It will probably be music. Instrumental definitely, piano maybe. I had a good talk with my mentor today, about textures, technology, Eva Hesse, connections via titles or words, and maybe how to touch without touching. I’m doing a lot of thinking today. And I think best when I’m working. Good thing my pieces are so detailed oriented, it gives me extra time to do all this thinking. Lots of mesh squares. I’m going to go make some boxes.

One thought on “Day 168

  1. I think that there is something interesting about making animations of process based work because animation is also very process based. It does highlight how the task slowly and steadily gets done. I agree, piano would be a good instrument.

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