Day 197

Do you ever pause and think about that one important thing that happened and realize that it only happened a week ago? That you’ve done so much and been awake for so long that it feels like a month instead? I did. Within the past two weeks I’ve met with Malcolm (which was amazing and inspiring), driven a short bus to Cleveland and back in the snow, taken care of my girlfriend who had the stomach flu, gone to classes and work, filed taxes and my fafsa, went to crafting my hustle, fired some of my stuff a couple of times, bought some lockers, rearranged my studio, and made some more stuff. And then did a whole bunch more. And I’m animating. Or at least I’m trying to. I need to invest in some modeling clay; glazed clay doesn’t stick to things as well as you’d think. Gravity all nonsense now. Sleep is a wonderful thing when it comes.
I’m also trying to figure out how to really talk about my work this semester. I don’t want to just repeat last semester’s work and reasons. Although they are a base for my current work.

“Pppbbth. Words.”

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