Day 213

Boxes! The  Cube. Research. Animations. Mesh. Crit. Soup talk. Paper. The toothfairy. Blurg. This week has been completely full. I’m wired with excellent coffee right now. Probably should eat something to counteract the effects of caffeine. Meh. I’m also ready to sleep. That’s a weird combination. But I had my soup talk this morning. Thanks to all of those who showed up. And special thanks to Susan who let me skip class to get ready for it. I am very grateful. I apparently can speak in public better than I thought I could. Erek thought I took a xanax. Hahahaha, nope. Nope, nope nope. The feedback from the talk was very helpful. Secret lives. I need to expand on that idea in my animations. Tiny boxes are cannibalistic, the ten-penny nails lead a revolution, the bolts are high as kites and the gears are musicians. Hehehe. I need to find my Congreve Cube. I’m off to make things!

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