Day 231

I have done it! Hahaha! No, really, I threw pots with paper clay. The first one was a little odd, but by the fourth one I had figured it out. Paper clay has a slightly different consistency than normal clay. And considering I haven’t thrown in almost a year, not wasting any clay or screwing anything up is quite the accomplishment. Then I had to trim them almost but not quite exactly similar like bowls. I make awesome clay, because I had no problems with that. Nice and smooth. I’m not sure how many of you, dear readers, know this, but the longer clay sits the more elastic it becomes. Unfortunately, since there is a biodegradable substance in paper clay, one has to use it quickly before it starts to smell. I put a crazy amount of bleach in mine to counteract this. Granted, even with bleach, the longer it sits, the worse it will smell. Mine has started to smell, but it doesn’t quite smell rotten. It kind of smells like those old gunpowder caps from cap guns after they’ve been fired. I wonder if they still sell those. I used to have one: it was clear plastic so I could see all the mechanics of it. Hehe, toys. Anyway, I’m just happy that my idea worked. I can throw with paper clay. Round shapes beware!

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