Day 535

And many thanks to Charlotte who edited my storyboards and explained the rule of thirds in further detail.

No sound yet. That has yet to be determined if it will exist. We’ll see.

Thanks to that empty studio on the second floor, I now have a decent space to shoot in that doesn’t require me to clean off my work table. That alone could take me an hour. I’m a tad messy.

And that’s it. I’m going back to work.

One thought on “Day 535

  1. Amy, These are great! I love “oooooooooo take 1” & “generate take 1”!! These two have the largest element of humor for me! I love the moment when all of the boxes join in to look at this strange object (aka the wrench). Your animations are really progressing nicely! What other kind of objects are you considering using?
    Also, the rule of thirds is great once you have a good understanding of it. It makes your life easier when shooting to quickly decide on a composition.

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