Day 41

If you have been paying attention, dear readers, you will have noticed that the day counter has started over again. Why? Because my MFA adventure is over. Sad. But, onto a new thing, blah blah blah.

So, I emptied my MFA studio. Man, I have way too much stuff. But then I realized that it was 1/3 materials, 1/3 art, and 1/3 tools, furniture and things that I need to make my art. Makes me wonder why I was cursed with the talents to create. other people can walk around with a backpack full of all their earthly possessions and be content. Meh. I’ll take it.

I’m part of a small group of recent graduates from CCAD who are looking to form some sort of co-op studio/ gallery space. We just looked at an amazing building earlier this week. I really hope that we can invest in this one. Not only because it’s practically perfect for what we need, but because my basement is full and I’m keeping all my clay outside. I’d like to start making art again (and not just functional things, like sawhorses and cornhole boards, although that is also enjoyable) and our basement is not conducive to making messy things. Or animating. Or even decent lighting.

I’m going to go read now. Upstairs. Where there’s light. I’m not Gollum.

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