Day 259

Pictures of my stuff on CCAD 2014! Video of Vanadium Increments of Doom to follow.


Day 257

It’s now official: We’re second years. Scary thought. Now we’re going to be the wise ones, the ones who give advice, who know what they are doing. Hahahahaha! It’s been an incredibly long and tiring year, but I’ve learned a crazy amount. My brain needs a break. So I’ll document stuff today, sleep-in tomorrow and then go start my assistantship with Elizabeth Fergus-Jean. I’m stoked about that. Making things!
And I’m going to keep going with the animations. We’ll see where it takes me. Could be awesome. Could be a complete disaster. I’m going to make things for a little while without thinking about it and just work.
It’s raining. Makes me want to sit in my barber’s chair and make more functional cubes. Or play video games. I’m not sure which 🙂

Day 248

This is what I put together for the animation class that I am auditing. I’m not sure about the transitions. I both like and dislike them. Helpful, I know. And this is me experimenting with AfterEffects. We’ll see if i can get my computer to blow up before the end of the semester. I’m enjoying the animation process. And the lack of a long narrative.

Day 210

I spent my entire spring break making things. And it was awesome. My back got sore being all hunched over working at my table, but stretching helped with that. The quiet studios were glorious, giving me enough silence to be able to think clearly. And I got to use the kilns over break. Behold the power of the grad student! And the mercy of the head of fine arts. Hahaha! I wish we had more breaks like this, just days and days of producing. I feel like I got more done in the past week than I have all semester. I know that’s not true, but firing pieces seems to give things finality and the idea of having accomplished something. It’s interesting too, talking things over with Jenn, seeing as she doesn’t have any art background. We put our heads together and went thrifting, finding a possible way to display the animations. We’ll see if we can get it to work. Technology! Metal Boxes! Gears! Coffee! I’m going to go animate things now.